Muteking The Dancing Hero #01 — Funny Pizza Guy

October 2nd, 2021


That seems like a poor name for a pizza chain.


This is one of those episodes where summarizing it will make it sound way goofier and crazy than it actually was, but I'm up for a challenge. Dude goes to San Francisco, apparently the last bastion of humanity's downfall by evil alien Steve Jobs, where he dances a few people/animals out of harm's way, then tries to go to Octopus McDonalds run by angry robots, but is sabotaged by a DJ stranger named DJ and then ends up in a cafe where a suspicious waitress forcefeeds everybody cream sodas and directs them to a concert. At the concert, CGI crazy-siren steps out of her own mouth and puts everybody to sleep, which melts them into goo that is sucked up by an alien. But DJ has a magic boombox that transforms the dude into CGI so he dances and that defeats the monster… somehow… turning everybody back to normal and I guess banishing the CGI woman, so he takes over the concert. Dude finally makes it to his grandmother's house, only to discover that the DJ guy lives there and is in a casual sexual relationship. With his grandmother.

Unfortunately, marveling at the crazy nonsense that is the writing is also the high point of the episode as it's pretty bland otherwise. The dancing which you would think would be at the forefront, even if it's CGI, barely exists. Heck, he spends more time roller skating along a track in a straight line than dancing. And it's not even dance fighting. He just dances and I guess a couple stars bonk the monster, then he strikes a pose, it fades to white and everything is abruptly fixed. Did they run out of… I hestitate to say budget… time, then? But speaking of the budget… pfft. Which just leaves it as basically a magical girl show, except with CGI boys, one of whom is apparently homeless and trades sex with a woman three times his age for lodging. Uh… huh.

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