Muteking #02 — Buy More iPhones

October 9th, 2021


We're definitely done here.

I'll get to Lupin later. I do plan on posting about at least the first episode, though I don't know that anything else on Saturday is looking like it would be better so far either. It's just being shy about showing up on the internet on anything but Hidive, which… ew.


I don't know what I expected of this episode, or if there was any real shot of it taking a turn to something more palatable, but this was definitely not it. Maybe they could've upped the stakes in some way, or told a decent character story, or even had any kind of episodic plot where somebody learns a valuable lesson about themself or gross material consumerism. Or the creepy waitress who's obviously an alien or robot with a room full of corpses could show off some of her severed finger collection. Instead, they roam randomly around the city, meet a few different people from the first episode, monster randomly shows up, and then the entire Muteking CGI sequence is almost an exact copy paste from the first episode, except this time it was at a not-Apple Store selling the new not-iPhone instead of an idol concert. I'm not sure the monster was even on screen for more than maybe 10 seconds.

So here is where we part ways, Muteking. You are definitely nowhere near your other Tatsunoko reboot brethren, even taking Gachaman's disturbing and scary beliefs about the greatness of Facebook and insane understanding of how democracy works into account. 

Next Episode:

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