Megaton Musashi #02 — Super Duper Spinning and Yelling Attack

October 8th, 2021


You guys programmed these super attacks into the robots and then just never used them?


Far weaker than the first episode despite being entirely set in ostensibly action sequences. The pacing was just goddamned horrendous, really exemplified by how it both started and ended with a montage of all the side characters not yet introduced, including some truly ridiculous ones, like the guy who is apparently being bullied so hard that his entire body gets covered in scribbling. I highly suspect that this was supposed to be part of the first episode as a short 3-4 minute 'fight sequence', but had to be dragged out to fill an entire goddamn episode, resulting in excrutiatingly long segments of talking heads in cockpits or on the bridge yelling. Hell, the protagonists launched at the end of last episode, and it took them until halfway through this episode before they arrived. That's ten goddamned minutes of pure padding.

But even once they got there and it was time to suffer through clompy CGI mechs in their fully 'glory,' the pacing remained horrendous. Dude shot a few things, got shot in return, declared he was going to use MEGATON PUNCH, and it would be another few minutes of arguing about it and then going through the power up sequence to use it while all the enemies apparently obligingly sat around patiently waiting for them to finish. Not helped at any step by the very unfitting operatic music playing, nor the silly references to the CCG system the game is based on to choose attacks. And definitely not helped by the utterly ridiculous "stab sword into ground and spin on it" super ultra finishing move into the actual super finishing selected-from-a-card finishing move while the big bad miniboss literally just sat there blankly staring. 

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