Megaton Moose #05 — Team Yell

October 29th, 2021


Her theme is way worse than Marnie's.


Let's reivew the first minute of the episode. The bullied afro dude is being bullied by a gang, but here comes a second bully gang who starts beating them up. But wait, here come the protagonists who instantly go "Hot damn, a fight!" and start beating up the bully bullies. It turns out that this isn't the first time one of the protagonists has encountered bully group #2. He also got jumped at them for glowering at one of them for not giving an old lady a seat on the bus.

It turns out that one red head girl is their boss and it's an idol fanclub that's also a gang. That's right. We're stealing from Pokemon's schtick now. She beats up the protagonists through the power of panty shots. I'm not joking. They're too distracted by trying to look up her skirt to fight back. Then the cat dude randomly wanders in and they all decide to go off to a rooftop for origin story time about how her fanclub threatened people into letting her win all the school popularity contests. Which are apparently a thing? They sort of offer to recruit her, then realize it's a secret and lie that they're secretly playing video games. Which makes her mad, because girls and video games. 

At this point in the summary, we're only halfway through the episode and it abruptly drops all of this and she doesn't appear anywhere in the rest of the episode. They all just go "Eh, let's do a generic robot fight." And… uh… that's what the rest of the episode is spent doing. There is literally nothing notable or noteworthy about the entire sequece. They fight a thing pretty effortlessly, then someone goes "Oh no, it's not working" despite everything working so far, so they have to haul out a new weapon, which also works. Repeat that 2-3 more times because we have a bunch of special skills we haven't gotten through yet, and eventually it stops regenerating. I legitimately don't think anything actually attacked them at any point in the final seven minutes of the episode, just shambled and glowed vaguely menacingly. 

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