Mega Moose #04 — Mecha Centaur

October 22nd, 2021


Surprise, it's an Akira.


Okay, this episode was kind of hilarious. I'm not even sure where to start, so let's just summarize the A-plot of the episode. We start with Reiji Cat Boy playing with a cat while everybody gossips around him about how creepy and inappropriate it is… to be playing with a cat? Anyway, the cat runs off and he singlemindedly chases it through a lab and into the cockpit of a mechanized centaur as a mad scientist cackles with glee. He notices none of this until he's literally sitting in the cockpit. It turns out that the cat was being mind controlled to lead him there and make him fight even though he doesn't want to. 

So he bumbles around for a moment until the cat is thrown across the cockpit, breaks its neck, and dies. At this point, we go into a flashback about how the scientist saved him and he developed telekinetic abilities. When we finally return to the present, he declares vengeance on those who killed his cat and uses his psychic powers to amp up his mecha centaur and defeats all the aliens, learning the valuable lesson that more will be killed if he doesn't fight, and this is the mission given to him by god. So says the mad scientist, a man clearly of logic and reason. So he adopts a new stray cat and declares that he'll be strong for this one.

And yes, that's only the A plot. The B plot was just more of the pratfall assassin bumbling around, losing her knife to that one stalker teacher, who then got assassinated himself while trying to assassinate her and is now mind controlled as well. Also, that one mind controller is an alien princess, I guess? Okay, sure.

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