Lupin III Pt 6 #03 — Railroad Randomization

October 30th, 2021


Was this script written by a lunatic?

Annoying Coworker and Short Girl did a whole episode on being sick this week. First one, then the other. It remains harmless enough, but it's a pretty awful comedy, it's clear the relationship is going nowhere, and there's no drama or development either, so I'm just bored by it at this point and content to cut ties.


And now, having gotten tired of Holmes, British Illuminati, and other assorted nonsense, we go for a completely random generic episode of Lupin, with an emphasis on random. They're stealing a train ticket from some dude at a costume party, except the dude was murdered by his butler who has co-opted the entire staff in his murder coup and stashed the corpse on the dude's train, which is being driven by a robot and delayed by a snowball machine which makes giant snowballs out of small snowballs, which the butler made by hand. I feel like a step could have been skipped here.

Anyway, Fujiko grabs the ticket and pretends to eat it, so their plan to get it back is to tie her to the railroad tracks so it beheads her, which just shows a depressing lack of education about the human digestive system. But also, a couple dozen of them drag her to the middle of nowhere, tie her up, and then all but one of them vanishes. Where did the mob go, guys? The day is saved thanks to the dumbass kids of some cop who are horny for Fujiko. As the butler was fleeing, he found the conveniently parked elephant that Fujiko stashed the ticket under, and was so happy that the buttons popped off his shirt, enraging the elephant and making it take him captive until the police arrived.

People were paid to write this script. Paid money. They will be putting it on their resumes. I am depressed for the state of this show.

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