Lupin III Pt 6 #02 — Dour Men Not Explaining Things

October 23rd, 2021


The mustache collection in next episode's preview seems more interesting than this entire episode.


Unfortunately, it seems like the lesson learned from Pt 5 is that instead of having a Mary Sue who's just plain better than Lupin's entire gang at everything, instead we have a Gary Stu, able to outfight Goemon, outshoot Jigen, out-seduce Fujiko, and out-smart Lupin. And yet, is also a colossal bore. I'm not even sure he does any actual detectiving. The closest they get is Lupin just goes "Well, dude is super smart, so of course he figured things out." That is not a satisfying answer! No, brainstorming a couple possibilities doesn't cut it either.

Which leads to the far greater sin, that the episode was just plain boring as snot. Like the 'tribute' episode 0, easily two thirds of it was dour people speaking in a monotone. Not even talking about the crazy illuminati or whatever. This week was all about the backstory of Holmes and Lupin, except even that was barely anything. Lupin was there when Watson died. If you got that from the girl saying "I keep having a nightmare about my dad dying and someone being there," and her screaming in trauma upon seeing Lupin, then congratulations, you're a full fifteen minutes and like three separate scenes of various people saying "I'll explain later" ahead of the big reveal.

Next Episode:

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  • jgoi says:

    On part5, Ami was only a better hacker. The show very clearly depicts that she’s not a better thief, gunslinger or seductress (this one almost got her raped).

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