Lupin III Part 6 #01 — Herlock Sholmes

October 18th, 2021


Conan Doyle's litigious descendants definitely stopped caring.


Well, better than the 'tribute to Jigen' episode, but still not great. The issue wasn't that it was more focused on the 'new' character of yet another iteration of Sherlock Holmes, although that brings its own issues. Weird issues at that. Like how this Sherlock apparently has basically an adopted daughter tagalong that he's tsundere about. And Watson doesn't exist. And he isn't addicted to heroin, but may be sleeping with Mrs Hudson. Is this even Sherlock at all? Did we just want to namedrop him because it's in Britain, or is it in Britain because we wanted to namedrop him?

Anyway, it seems more concerned about introducing stuff, a crazy notion for a first episode, yes, I'm aware, but most of it is not the good kind of introducing. Like apparently there's some kind of British Illuminati who's in search of a fabled treasure for, uh, reasons. Which is as far as literally anybody is willing to go. And Sherlock has some kind of dark history with Lupin, again, as far as we're willing to go. This involves the silly girl tagalong, who screams in hysterical terror when Lupin greets her amidst an exploding gas truck. You start with the fun heists and layer in the dumb nonsense in the process, not the other way around. There were at least a couple car chases, with some cartoonishly goofy CGI, so it's technically Lupin, and doesn't have the Mary Sue nonsense going on of the last TV iteration, but it still distinctly lacked the rakish charm and contained stories that are quintessential Lupin, instead trying really hard to set up what will presumably be the overarching arc for the season, which… the British treasure hunting Illuminati vs Sherlock Holmes? Come on.

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  • sp33 says:

    Wow not even Holmes III, IV or XV, straight up Sherlock Holmes and an Inspector Lestrade for good measure. I don’t know if I should be impressed or sad that they gave up.

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