Lupin III Part 6 #00 — Abusing Octogenarians

October 9th, 2021


What a tribute.


This is actually a bit of a tribute episode to Jigen's original voice actor finally retiring, but if it's what they're using as the first episode of a new series, that seems like a very poor sign because it was quite garbage. You'd think a tribute would want to highlight what makes the character cool and fun, give them a chance to show off, go out (but not really) with a bang. Hell, you'd think just a generic Lupin episode would involve at least a tiny amount of adventure, heisting, thievery, goddamned anything. This just has them sitting around in various places, a jail cell, a bar, a living room, a deck, chatting. Animation? Pfft. Here's some drones.

If this was supposed to be a tribute to the voice actor or the character, it was a majorly half-assed one. As even just a random episode of Lupin, it is abject pointless nothing. If this is the budget and the amount of daring-do to be expected from the rest of this iteration of Lupin, it is a bloody dismal outing, containing nothing of what made the characters or stories popular in the first place. It's just their skin being worn on barely animate mannequins.

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