Komi Can’t Communicate #02 — Social Chameleon

October 13th, 2021


What the show definitely needed was a slobbering gorilla threatening to rape someone.


This one lost quite a bit of shine from the first episode as well. The character of the week is a social chamelon and… that's it. That's the whole joke. They're named "Childhood Friend" and have a superficial relationship with everybody. You could've found some kind of joke to make out of this, like having some dark secret, or drastically swinging from one contradictory thing to the other depending on who they're dealing with. Instead, they went with "calls self boy or girl depending on who they're talking to" and "is attempted to be raped by a slobbering gang member." Not exactly following the strong part of the first episode there, guys.

And without the strong emotional dramatic segment providing some much needed catharsis and resolution to the episode, that leaves the quite weak and still very yelly humor as the meat of the episode. The chewy, bland, shouty meat. It needs both a stronger central narrative to give the characters something to actually do, as well as a greater variety of jokes. Yelling about misunderstanding the girl staring blankly is not a well you want to be dipping into ten times an episode, so that leaves what? The silly faces? You can get those anywhere. Hell, you get mountains of them in what Japan calls horror shows. Write an actual storyline, or at least a punchline.  

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