Komi Can’t Communicate #01 — My Special Eyes

October 6th, 2021


How would you even make contacts for those?


There is a metric buttload of effort being put into this show, which does make the occasional shot of the titular character's ridiculously tiny eyes and mouth on her gigantic face stand out, especially when the dude's face is about 75% eyes. It also does one of the rarest things in anime, uses a montage well. The dramatic bit about halfway through of them finding a way to talk to each other and that opening the floodgates for both was set well to music and just an effective and emotionally touching little scene overall.  

However, the comedy that dominated the first half of the episode was… rough. It definitely toned things down to a much more palatable level as the episode went on, but it comes out of the gate with a whole bunch of shouting, screaming, and noise, which is also how it ends the episode; a dude screaming at the top of his lungs. The dramatic part of the episode was really well done, and the show is expressive as total balls with apparently a massive budget for some reason. It just starts and ends with shouting, so my first and last impressions feel a bit colored by that despite the middle.


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