Deep Insanity: The Lost Child #01 — High Caliber Hazing

October 12th, 2021


Did someone forget to hire a director or something?

This is a Tuesday show. I just wasn't paying attention and forgot it exists. I will likely going back to doing so now.


This is the worst kind of silly show, the kind that takes itself completely seriously. It's in good company this season with all those other horribly directed quasi-action shows though. Maybe they can all have a ridiculousness-off with points for how much exposition can fit into one scene, how long the monster/enemy will patiently wait for all conversations to finish even if they're a slavering giant land shark, and how many stupid questions the protagonist will ask during it. Or maybe they'll ask none at all and just make confused grunting noises. This one sure did. You're in a squad of heavily armed soldiers, carrying weapons yourself, into a strange alien pit. Okay, maybe a giant monster is outside your expectations, that's fair. But why are you gasping when people are telling you "Hey, it's time to use weapons." Did you think we were just carrying a beam sword for exercise? And why are they dragging in random teenagers with zero preparation, training, or education along in the first place? To haze him? Into the secret Anarctic death pit?

Not that I particularly want them to answer these questions, but they had ample time to at least try which they instead spent in a 21 gun barrage of character introductions and random Engrish technobabble. Ah, yes, we're all sleepers part of the mission to do things. What things, well, you'll have to find that out later. Great! I can't wait to have that conversation another four or five times this episode alone. Even that might have been forgivable if these were fun characters or anybody had chemistry with anybody else at all, but they're all cookie cutter bores, and the borest of all is the protagonist. Hell, it's treated as a big moment at the end of the episode when he speaks up and asks them to use his name instead of calling him newbie. That's how low the bar is set here.


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