Border Mechs #03 — Summer Camp For Terrorists

October 18th, 2021


Excuse me, freedom fighters.

Side note, I am quite amused that the official English title of this is something completely made up and impossible to remember or write. They realized that the Japanese title was kind of dumb, and yet went for something a hundred times worse. Fantastic job. 


This is a very silly terrorist organization. Sure, there's the one dude who's angry at the protagonist for not taking it seriously enough, but literally everybody else is like "Oh, sure, the foreigners murdered all out families and shoot all Japanese in the street for fun, but if you're not sure about this, we totally understand. It's cool. We're all more sad and depressed than anything." Kind of feel like there should be a lot more fanatics and people gung-ho about revenge on their oppressors instead of this being treated like a happy go lucky summer camp. Especially if they're going to be banging the drum about how scary it is to kill people and face death yourself. Why even bring that up at all if we're going to be playing with our digimon and being silly in general?

I guess it's mostly an artifact of the writing still being generally just kind of bad. It's weird too because it's cognizant enough to occasionally point out plot holes like how having a military camp and entire mech fight with massive explosions everywhere might be a bit noticeable, so they explain it away as they have special technology that hides them. Uh, that is not a satisfying answer, especially approximately 90 seconds before it's revealed to not work. Mostly though, like the previous episode, the story is continuing to meander. Like all the other mecha shows this week, this is the recruitment episode, and the protagonist gets involved because………… Oh, we actually forgot to include a reason. The one they give is "Well, I'd hate to just, you know, not, and I already did a couple days of pushups, so I guess despite not really having a horse in this fight, whatever." Again, not satisfying! Especially if you're going to half-ass the fights!  

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