Border Mechs #02 — Achilles Heel

October 11th, 2021


And now, for no reason, a farming montage.


Aside from the goddamned digimon, this really seems like it's trying to be a Gundam knockoff, but my god, is the writing so horrendous at every single step of the way, enough that the greater budget over the other dumb mecha show today may end up being the superior one. He tricks the evil government by going "Ha ha! Those people are just randos, and you'd get bad press for killing innocents. So says I, a terrorist! Terrorist away!" And this worked. This is then followed by him randomly finding a farm and a montage of working on a farm. Nobody's he's related to or anything like that. Just simple farm folk. For half the goddamned episode. Not even leading to, say, the evil government showing up and him protecting them or getting caught in the crossfire. After consuming half the episode, he just… leaves. And that's it.

Then with barely five minutes left, we get to the 'action' part of the episode, and the direct gets to tagteam being horrible with the writer. Not only does the excessive talking about how cool the digimon is never stop, but we're going full Star Wars stormtroopers in their accuracy. Ha ha! Using my super programming, we are going to run straight at them through a hail of bullets and never get hit! They'll never see it coming and with our power of punching them once, we are invincible! But then they need to end the episode on a cliffhanger, so a single bullet to the heel completely disables the mech. At this point, they pin it down and all of them start firing into it at full auto from point blank range, showing that it's actually completely invincible to all guns. Wait, what? Except for that one spot on the heel, apparently. Why aren't all mechs invulnerable to guns like this? Why were we saying we were dodging at all? Why were they missing? Can literally anything here make any sense?

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