Border Bots #04 — Super Evil Random Mech Out of Nowhere

October 25th, 2021


It eats babies too.


I'm not feeling this one either. On balance, it's probably the better of the two low end Monday mech shows, but it's still quite low end, and after four episodes and one girlfriend of the week being fridged, we're still mucking around on the moisture farm, trying to get up the courage to fight. It's doubly weird too here because the enemy mech of the week is quite nonsensical. It's an amalgamation of every bit of antagonist nonsense all rolled into one. It randomly appears and is beholden to nobody. It killed both protagonists' loved ones. It has the magical mech ability to attach literally anything to itself and it works fine, be it guns, arms, legs, cement mixers, or industrial sized dildos, which, man, that kind of universal serial port technology would put Apple out of business. And it's also completely silent. Which makes it almost literally a random monster that they spent half the episode pissing about with, then some dudes rolled up and spent another quarter of the episode talking about how totally epic and awesome the fight was. 

All this was leading up to the protagonist un-deciding to fight and go mope around until he's forced to fight again next week no doubt. We're not exactly progressing with the story so much as regressing. He's not even a fun or compelling character either. What does he want? What is he trying to do? What are his goals? What is stopping him? We're four episodes in. These questions should have been answered a long time ago. Even things like Back Arrow were quickly putting together stories, motivations, and wacky hijinks for their band of merry idiots to get into. Amou's just kind of… there, mostly unwillingly, with multiple shrieking digimon. Not my idea of a great time! 

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