Sobby Boy #09 — Murder-Suicide/Suicide-Murder

September 9th, 2021


I don't think that's how cats or lie-detector machines work.


Again, one has to wonder how nobody is questioning the bloodthirsty teacher who is handing out rayguns and goading people into murder-suicide. Well, it's a dude who was split in half, got into an argument with his other half over how much hair there was in a pile, and swore a blood feud over it. And because he (both of him) has the power of time reversal, that's somehow trapping everybody who enters their world because one always reverses, causing the other to re-reverse which… traps people. Okay, let's roll with that. Anyway, he kills himself, then realizes that he killed himself, so he kills himself. There's a sentence for you to parse. I'm not even sure if that's supposed to be the A plot or the B plot of the episode. I can say for certain that the C plot is the manic pixie girl getting yelled at by the other angsty boy, so she sulks, and then the primary angsty boy says "hey, don't be so sad," and she feels better again.

And I haven't even mentioned the cats. First off, they're fully sentient, and have apparently always been. Second, they can talk in the usual Disney animal telepathic way. The dog has apparently been aware of all of this and just keeping it a secret. Third, they're not ordering things from Amazon Nyamazon, they're just wandering away, using their power to duplicate matter to create things, and then bringing it back. Fourth, the Indian dude knew about literally all of this. He apparently hooked them all up to lie detectors off screen and interrogated them on their powers and their intelligence. How does all this fit into the episode? One of the crazy twins mentioned before grabbed the dupli-cat as a sacrifice to the Norse gods thereby tying together both things… sort of. Not really. Not at all. …Yeah.


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  • The Phantom says:

    I dont know what is this show about, I love the art style, I really love how it looks. The story is non sensical in every way and full of silly symbolism, at least is not boring I give them that.

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