Sobby Boy #08 — Dog Tales

September 2nd, 2021


This show really loves its sad sacks with their manic pixie girlfriends, doesn't it?

FYI, Idaten is off this week due to production issues. 


Well, this episode was clearly meant to be self-contained, so it didn't contribute to the nonsense that is the overall plot, but even taken as kind of a bottle episode, it was more than a bit weird. The whole thing was the dog telling his backstory, of wandering aimlessly until he found an omnipotent manic pixie girl and her personal society of not-quite-people who were stricken by a death plague turning them into rocks. But also, she gets really upset about anybody leaving it and hunts them down to force feed them ocean soup, which may be her blood? Except the plague is caused by a serial killer dude who somehow brought a differen't world's rules about mental burdens turning into tumors because he's the Horseman of War. And wants to kill God. But the dog's power is to create inner worlds out of his own mental turmoil, so all of it is just a pseudo-creation of his own fevered mind, and because he didn't really want them to be saved, he indirectly killed them all by wallowing instead of being honest with her. The end.

So, uh, yeah. Another summary that I have a hard time even beginning to process what the takeaway is supposed to be. As usual, the creepiness of the girl and her society that nobody can leave was completely lost on the creators of the show. And I have no idea what the hell they were even trying to get at with War being the plague on an isolated society. An isolated society in a world created by him, that people then were already in? Or the people too were also created by him? Are we full Wind Fishing this? Also, I'm not sure it's the best approach to sub out one angsty sad sack for another one. I still couldn't tell you with 100% certainty why he's even a dog. Because he sees himself as one? Because he wanted to be one? But different from his wanting to save that one girl (and nobody else) in the world that he created, but then they arrived in and set up a society before he did? Uh… huh.


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