Idaten Deities #11 — A New Arc for an Ending

September 28th, 2021


That seems like a very stupid idea.


This is the ending I expected from the show yesterday, which is to say, absolutely no ending whatsoever. Just a "buy the manga for the rest," which makes especially no sense because the source material was abandoned five years ago and there is no rest that exists. We simply stop at what is the beginning of another arc, Rin having snapped out of her funk for no real reason and the protagonists captured and a bit eviscerated, though honestly not that much worse than they usually are. I can't imagine anybody would be happy with an 'ending' like this, creators or audience.

Anyway, it was a fairly interesting setting in that it was a fight between two factions of amoral supernatural cabals with solid animation and good use of colors, and even with the constant infodumps, the story still cruised along at a good clip, but it needed to be a lot more character driven and actually have some kind of conclusion, not simply run out of episodes part way and call it quits. 

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  • kenuran says:

    This show was definitely the most strange thing to pick to make an anime out of considering the state of the source material. It was still at least an interesting affair and the show i liked the most this year so far. There were no good guys in this show. Just bad guys and overpowered individuals who’s purpose is to kill the bad guys in however way they felt they needed to.