Idaten Deities #10 — Time Skips

September 21st, 2021


We're still not really moving towards any kind of ending.


Like last week's episode, it's still unclear what this is moving towards, but it definitely doesn't feel like any kind of ending, and a decade feels like a lot of time to just kind of skip over and say that the status quo just sat unchanging during the entire thing. Okay, so, Nun 2.0 got 'stronger' as did the one monster-turned-good dude, but that's about it. I also feel like they're fumbling Miku's whole deal when she's apparently now the primary antagonist. She even brings up how bad a situation they're in, and how the turned demons are riding high. If anybody would be scheming for their own self-interest and trying to play both sides, you'd think it'd be her, but despite the constant overtures to betraying her fellow demons or throwing certain ones to the wolves, she keeps defaulting to incomprehensible loyalty to The Great Demon Cause. 

Also, the whole thing with two of the runaway pairs just having sex nonstop and creating swarms of purebred monsters that they unleashed into a world where for the first time, demons could gorge themselves to their heart's content feels like something that they could've done a whole arc about too, but is instead relegated to just another one of the random lore tidbits like "demons have vestigial eyes inside their bodies." Couldn't we have used that for Nun 2.0's growth, or Hayato's? And they do a little montage of Rin being too depressed to even move for years on end, then she sees a demon and I guess her depression is gone? Is that really all we're doing with that? What even are we doing with any of this? Because the answer is looking more and more like "Buy the manga if you want to see any kind of ending!"


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