Fena #05 — Dungeon Crawling

September 4th, 2021


Oh boy. Fena solves another non-challenge by being the protagonist.


Another pointless, terrible episode that can basically be summarized as "Fena is the protagonist, and boy, isn't that just swell." They find some ancient dungeon, tell Fena "Use your magical chosen one spider-sense to go the right way," and… she just does. Because she's Harry Potter/Katniss Everdeen/Rey Skywalker/Mary Sue the Chosen One. So they find yet another mysterious magic rock which has mysterious magical signficance, but Fena wandered off because she's a nimrod and got snatched by the goon squad, and that's the whole thing. It should have been 60 seconds before the OP, if even that. This is not a script. This is barely an introduction scene, and it's insulting that it's stretched out to consume an entire goddamned episode. What challenges did the characters face? What trials did they overcome? How did they grow? What did they learn? These are not hard narrative goals or big asks for a story!

We are now five episode in, and the plot has yet to rise beyond Fena is the Star Child. Even garbage light novel adaptions would have made it through at least one arc by this point, but this has yet to even start one. No character is showing any growth or development. Only a single episode has had even a trace amount of swashbuckling or ninja fighting, so why the hell do we even have any pirates or ninjas at all? At what point is this show going to stop gassing on about how much looooore there is in the background and actually do goddamned anything with any of its characters and their comical bumbling into exactly what they're looking for each week? Or even the damn lore? Yeah, something about Jeanne d'Arc. Are we just referencing her and calling it a day? Is that really going to be all you're drip feeding for three goddamned episode in a row? Only for the ending? Ever? The promos promised high seas adventure. All it's delivered so far is temperamental children fumbling around in a toy submarine in between talking heads repeatedly reminding us that the most childish, bratty, and incapable of all the characters has the magic power of being the main character. 

Enough is enough. Next week, I'm posting about human trafficking for the weekend instead. But in its defense, it's ridiculously well-animated human trafficking.

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