Battle in Five Seconds #09 — The Stabbenings

September 6th, 2021


Lotta poorly animated blood spurts this week.


Certainly action packed, tightly paced, and a far cry better than most of the episodes of the show, but good lord, is the lack of an animation budget doing it no favors whatsoever. Thinky Dude vs Sword Dude was especially awful with the stills and just laziness, despite racing through that bit with minimal padding. If that's how it's going to look with raw animation talent, then by all means, lean on the CGI more. There were definitely moments of the Yuuri fight where it was obvious and janky looking, but at least people were moving. I think that's why the body-fluid stripper lady fight wasn't as awful as well, they got to use CGI for all the little toys and whatnot, but still plenty of ugly/bad stills.

I think my takeaway from the episode though is that it highlights how it's not handling an ensemble cast type deal nearly as well as Idaten is. Even the antagonists there are better rounded and less ridiculous, which is weird because they're literal rape nazi demons. Plus, two of the three fights introduced in the first half of the episode are unceremoniously dropped and forgotten until next week, and both for characters that have been floundering without any real point, purpose, or scene where they've gotten to shine as of yet. I guess it helps keep things feel like they're moving to go on to the next scene every two to three minutes, but nine episodes in, and these are supposedly main characters if the OP is anything to go by. Are they ever going to actually do anything at all?

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  • The Phantom says:

    The only interesting character is the half naked girl with her own agenda, the nun was kinda interesting but she took the ground temperature challenge already.