Battle in 5 Seconds #12 — Jumping Punches to the Plexus

September 27th, 2021


Why not the jaw? Or the gut?


I expected little from this ending, and boy, did I get it. Well, to be honest, I was expecting it to just not end and do something like "Check the manga for the rest!" but I'm not sure that half-assing an abrupt ending out of nowhere is better than that, especially when it does the whole "The end…………??????" schtick. Anyway, he beats up the CGI dude because he continues to use Yuuri as his personal brainless marionette, and is then ganked by the other dude who also has a cannon for a hand, so everybody goes home. That is such a stupid power. Why does it seem like half the characters have it and treat it like its some kind of ultimate trump card? Of all the stupid things in this show, that may well be the stupidest.

I was hoping this would at least raise itself to the level of something like Darwin's Game, but it very much did not. It needed to move about ten times faster and develop the characters a hell of a lot more. There was also quite the blind spot for the way the main character used the exploited main female without really caring for or about her except as a tool that really seemed like it would have at least made for some kind of interesting character drama, but just got quietly dropped and ignored so she could continue glomming onto him as is his divine right as protagonist. 

In any case, this has been a pretty atrocious season that I am happy to see go. Season preview should be up Wednesday, but I need to get through another surprise (at least to me) week-early netcast today first.


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One Lonely Comment

  • kenuran says:

    I dont think the other guys power was the hand cannon as much it was him having the same power as Akira and baited him into thinking about about the cannon.

    Also the last episode of Idaten is out right now. Assuming this isnt a leak, what a wild schedule that show had.