Sonny Boy #06 — Exposition Future Past Wolf

August 19th, 2021


This show is a mental workout if nothing else.


So, what's up in lunacy land this week? Oh, there's a six foot tall wolf that they're calling a dog. It can talk, it's from the past, but also from the future, and it's… uh… just there. That's right. They introduced a giant wolf just to have a giant wolf sitting around. A giant wolf who's a former student from the future, who arrived in the world from the past, who thinks that the principal is god. And then there's that one of the cults has gone full Nazi paranoid, dedicating themselves to hunting down and punishing heathens. Yeah, that's right. They've split off-screen into two factions, one hunting the other relentlessly. But still on good enough terms to text each other. Although it's actually more like three factions considering Star Boy has his own mini-faction that wants to go all Noah's Ark on things.

So once again, we ask ourselves what the episode is actually about, and once again, I'm not sure I can even explain it. They find another magic world that's a meta world where everything is films shot from Emo Boy's eyes. So they can edit the films to alter reality and want to do that to fix things. But the cult thinks that will destroy the world, so they try to stop them, but it was all a double bluff and they made a fake world-film edit to trick the cult, and so the plan worked, but all it actually did was put fascimiles of themselves into a copy world because in actuality, they're the echoes of a possible multiverse discarded by Principal God and the real one was one where the manic pixie girl accidentally pranced to her death off the roof? Or they accidentally picked out the "tragic suicide" film instead of the right one, thus scuttling all other films? Christ. I need the Cliff's Notes. 


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