Sonny Boy #04 — Invisible Monkey Baseball League

August 5th, 2021


This show is never going to make an iota of sense, is it?


What in the goddamned hell is this episode? It starts out with them diving into a black void that does… uh… something… until Angsty Boy accidentally transports them to a baseball field with an angry monkey in it. So everybody goes "Oh, that was our world. Our world was the one overrun by apes, right? Yeah, that sounds right." So instead we jump to the baseball dude from the first episode, who spends nigh on three straight minutes ranting insanely about invisible interdimensional monkeys playing baseball. The entire time I'm not sure if we're supposed to be taking this literally, seriously, or what. But everybody does take it literally, and apparently there's an entire secret society among the students for watching Invisible Monkey Baseball, except you need a magic flashlight to see them, so it's time for another long rant about Invisible Monkey Baseball.

All of this is leading up to a different baseball dude who's pissy at Angsty Boy for not teleporting them and so challenges him to a baseball game, which finally grants Angsty the epipihany that the invisible interdimensional monkey wanted to be the umpire or something? Because he was upset about the inherant unfairness of monkey society? And baseball's supposed to be for fun, not to be good at it? And we could all learn a lesson from invisible monkey baseball league. So anyway, a giant-breasted teacher shows up and immediately begins screaming at them.

Which is to say that it's another utterly baffling episode that reads and summarizes like the disconnected ravings of a lunatic. I would estimate at least six or seven minutes of this episode were just a dude doing improvised train-of-thought almost rakugo-like nonsense monkey baseball ranting. Was it supposed to be a performance piece? All this for "dude can't control his teleporting power very well?" "But also, look at this honking huge boobs!" Uh, right. 


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  • fantacola says:

    the whole thing doesnt make much sense but i cant stop watching it, it’s somewhat interesting this way

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