Sobby Boy #07 — Tower of Ant Babel

August 26th, 2021


Subtlety is not this show's strength.


Another incomprehensible episode of Sonny Boy, but I repeat myself. We start with a literal army in a school assembly, swearing a crusade against Emo-Boy. Then we cut to one of the cults building an ark to try to escape the powers of Captain Angst. Then some ants. Then Angsty-Boy wakes up in a 'strange' hive-like society where people slave away building a literal Tower of Babel. Not subtly either. It has a big neon "Babel" sign and everything. This is ruled over by some guy who has made everybody immortal but also taken away their powers. He makes a friend, but they're all actually ants, the tower is upside down and therefore an ant-colony pit, and it was just some weird-ass fever dream he was having about bugs, and his ant-friend is eaten in front of him. Everything is ants. The end.

So, uh, the whole assembly thing at the start were just ants pissy about being dragged along? Or he went to ant world that was a reflection of the ants in this world? In any case, everybody leaves the island in their various arks except for Angsty boy, his two quirky wives, their giant pet dog, and that one other dude. Unless the other cult(s) didn't leave because the one red-shirt guy didn't leave? It's difficult to actually tell, yet again. I couldn't even tell you what the whole Tower of Ant Babel bit was even about. There was an umbrella dude who showed up at the assembly and was like "Naw, dudes. It's not the fault of the dude who sees a tree fall in the forest, it's because of the actualization of the potential," and then it's just over. Uh, riiiiight.  


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One Lonely Comment

  • xa says:

    I thought the thing about the tower of Babel was some sort of test to see if Nagara conformed to society and gave up.

    He could’ve given up on trying to search for answers and whatnot while simply living for small pleasures and self-sustenance like the other workers in the tower, but he didn’t. He kept moving forward and found out that the tower was flipped. Only carrying bricks downwards when building a tower made no sense, and the way he got flipped in the monkey bar when he was dragged into that world were was also a hint of the world being flipped.

    I think this is why umbrella man let him go and said he had changed and was all right now – in the flashback, Nagara thought that things like learning the circle thing on the monkey bar were pointless, giving up before he even tried, which was comparable to the mindset of the tower workers.

    This is also similar to the way most of the students trapped in the other worlds think. They’ve given up and think there’s no way they’ll go back, while Nagara still seems to be trying to find a way back, perhaps because he thinks he’s the only one with the power to do so.

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