Sobby Boy #05 — Cult Wars

August 12th, 2021


How many times are we going to redefine this dude's power, exactly?


To follow up last week's interdimensional monkey baseball steroid scandal, we immediately jump to Pac-man world where they're trying to… uh… save the ghosts, I guess? Because now the new overall world rules are that every world is some kind of game challenge and they need to 'beat' all the worlds to increase their power? And Pac-Man world's power increase is giving them a living computer mouse that unties things? Where is all this bizarre exposition even coming from? It's three minutes into the episode, and I already feel like I'm lost again. Meanwhile, the teacher is hooking up with that one other angsty dude, telling him that he's the secret super messiah who apparently has extra super extra secret extra powers. We're not going to show them. That's his entire part of the episode. But, uh, yeah, sure. Seems like a good thing to put in the first half. So now we have two characters declaring that they're the chosen prophets of an invisible god and everyone's just going "Yeah, sure. A cult sounds nice." And then they all march off into a hell portal. Uh, right.

The perceptive might notice in that rambling nonsense of an overlong paragraph that there's not much about what the episode actually was about. That's because the episode didn't really seem to actually be about anything. There wasn't some new world or mystery that they looked into. I guess if anything, you could say it's about angsty boy angsty some more. They yelled at him, randomly left to give him alone time with the manic pixie girl, then came back to yell at him some more. He responded to all of it by crying. Also, his power isn't creating random portals now too, but that he can run away. Like remember when he created a portal in a toilet to a hell world? Yeah, that's him escaping. Apparently. Except then they abruptly change it again and say that it's not making portals to new worlds, it's creating entirely new worlds. It would be one thing if we were being brought along on this chain of logic, demonstrated and then deduced, but it's all tell, no show. And you've redefined this dude's power about six times now in the last two episodes. This dude who has done nothing but be weepy and mopey. And what the hell was even going on with 2-D Pac-man world!?  

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