Idaten Deities #06 — Post-Orgasm Clarity

August 19th, 2021


Uhhhh, right.


Thursday anime is just utter nonsense, huh? Another fairly weak episode mainly focused on training and exposition about training. See, he was weak before, but now that we explained how powers work, he's stronger. In an invisible way. Just accept it. But we're still going to spend ten minutes talking about it. And the lore exposition doesn't make a ton of sense either. Unlike most magical seals, this one works more like a roach trap and things in it just starve to death, so the seal (that nobody wants to break) doesn't actually matter at all, except that it's an excuse to keep Rin from bothering them? An open and honest conversation about boundaries would probably do a lot more good and not involve as much guilt and existential terror.

Anyway, eventually the story goes even more wibbly-wobbly as the last third or so of the episode is more about Team Demon panicking and fleeing the sinking ship with all their favorite sex toys. I'm not even certain if we've seen any of these characters before. They all got nameplates introducing them. Spewing out a half-dozen randos to… maybe do something but probably not… when you've already got at least that many just for being exposition mouthpieces is really not necessary. So then we cut over again to Empire #3, apparently a mass cult ready to embark on a holy purification crusade against Demon Empire and Science Empire, so the protagonists kick down the door and declare themselves Jesus Christ. Not really feeling like there's a cohesive storyline here, guys.


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