Idaten Deities #05 — Tell, Don’t Show

August 12th, 2021


Who needs action in a fighting show?


So much for this episode being all fights. Or any fights. Or any action at all, really. But it did bring back the raped nun, and fetishized being raped too, so… yeah. Probably the best thing that one could say about the episode is that somebody on staff realized that the goddamned torrent of exposition was a bit much, and about half of it was done in 'comical' fast forward. Which still left another ten or so minutes of info dumping not in fast forward. It really didn't need to be this way either. I kind of hate that they just mad scientisted the baddies all onto their side. They could've unleashed one of the old demons somehow and thereby presented all the "we probably don't want to break the seal, have a common enemy, and the head baddie isn't what he claims" things in a way that wasn't a power point presentation split between three conference rooms and five minutes of monotone talking heads.

There's not a whole lot else to say about the episode. One antagonist was talked to death. One was unceremoiously beaten in one shot. One got to attack like twice and then they timeskipped, claimed it was a grueling afternoon battle, but he eventually lost. The rest of the episode was devoured by rape fetishism and infodumping, and even if I were to summarize every little bit of lore, it would be just A.) Demon hybrids come from rape, B.) A couple demon hybrids are smart, and C.) The head baddie is not really a demon. All through the glorious presentation style of talking heads. Joy.


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