Idaten Deities #04 — And Now, A Clown Screaming

August 5th, 2021


Please cut out that minute interlude for my hearing's sake.


Maybe only the odd numbered episodes are going to not suck, although that is being a little unfair to the episode, which was just a little boringly mediocre and too obviously entirely setup with no payoff. Will that payoff come next week? If they put the same effort into it as they did episode 1 and 3, quite probably, but they definitely could've both put a little more effort into the training fights, relied less on internal narration to explain that things that seemed weak were actually super strong, and especially cut down on the screaming. They definitely didn't put much effort into the first impressions of Prontea overall, doing the corny Dragonball three-frames-of-a-zillion-punches thing over and over and over. His giant feet have not gotten any less clownish either. 

But it did separate them from Rin, so the fights should have at least a little more drama to them, so it at least accomplished some setup for a setup episode. A low bar to clear, but at least it is indeed cleared and the space is there for the characters to show off next week, both protagonists and antagonists. Obviously not to the expectation that the protagonists will be offed by randos in episode 5, and Prontea appears to have all the same super-invincibility issues on the narrative as Rin does, but maybe his job is to get killed/disabled/captured or whatever to take that role. 


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