Fena – Pirate Princess #02 — Y’er a Wizard, Harry

August 14th, 2021


Why must you do this to me, summer anime season?


Aaaand I would say that the honeymoon is over, but I'm not sure that the first episode even rose to that level. This was still a large step down from even that though. The whole thing was basically a tour of the nonsensical ninja village. The ninja village that they then leave in a submarine. What timeframe is this supposed to be again? Yeah, all the named characters we meet are coming along, and presumably at some point, they're going to… uh… do something, but they sure as hell didn't do it this episode. So if not now, when? Or did we spend too much of the episode going "look at all this wacky Japanese stuff! Bows! Riceballs! So Japanese!" Is this a tourism advert?

Why not have Fena have to prove herself to them? Why not have them prove themselves to her? Set it to a musical number about fighting the Huns British if you must. A haircut is not growth. Telling her that she's the protagonist chosen starchild is not character development. Handing over some stupid cellphone case is not a hook. I am not even exaggerating any of these points either. Nobody has any idea why she's the chosen one, but some random dude thinks she is, and that this random rock might be important in some way, for some unknown reason, so what other reason do we need to devote our lives unquestioningly to an overly-excitable fifteen year old with the maturity of an eight year old and the attention span of a labradoodle? There's no big bad introduced. No looming crisis to confront. No reason at all to set out on adventure introduced in an entire two episodes except "Well, she's the protagonist, so, uh, here's a sub and a party. Go, uh, figure out why you're the protagonist." Christ. Did this begin life as a rejected RPG script from twenty years ago?

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  • Anonymous says:

    That dog is cute. This show should have been about the dog.

  • Anonymous says:

    ah yes of course, the haircut, that sure is not palyed out

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