Fena – Pirate Princess #01 — Wacky Yelling Silly People

August 14th, 2021


Whoever made the promos had a better idea what people wanted than whoever made the show.


Wow. Promos for this were not accurate, to put it mildly. I was expecting something in the veins of Pirates of the Caribbean or maybe even Dark Water, but with ninjas because Japan. Both of those things are far, faaaar more serious than this has any attempt at being. And not in the fun adventures of rapscallions way of something like Rage of Bahamut's first season or even Garou. Fena is a bratty imbecile, making crayon drawings and ridiculous overreaction faces. She's accompanied by almost literal stooges, constantly pratfalling and screaming in overreaction. A couple times, the jokes sort of land, but the 'best' one of the dude coldcocking her at the end, is then ruined by having the entire peanut gallery summarize and re-explain it.

Also missing was the action promised in the promos. It's pretty well animated overall, mind you, but there was more crazy ninja fighting and such in the few minutes of promos than there were in this entire episode. In fact, the 'fight' at the end was literally just dudes falling over. Apparently we had to overanimate Fena's hair in the wind two or three times in the episode, but couldn't find the budget for anything besides drawing a line across the screen to be a sword slash. This is really your big opening climax? Seriously? Seriously? Well, on to episode 2 to see what the hell they're thinking here. 

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