Fena #04 — Stay A While and Listen

August 28th, 2021


Gee, that was convenient.


When Dungeon Sweatshop's episode this week began with announcing that the whole episode would be about explaining the existence of character levels, and that it would be having a power point presentation on how mana worked, that was the final straw for me. I thought to myself that no matter what awful, stupid thing Fena pulls, it will still be better than that. But goddamn if Fena isn't trying its absolute hardest to prove me totally wrong by vomiting up the worst episode yet. Thank god this season is already pushing towards its eleventh hour, because I am not at all opposed at this point to just randomly talking about some of the mediocre and bad porn games Japan's been releasing lately. 

Anyway, this was as bad as the second episode. In fact, it pretty much was the second episode again, just swapping the 'plot' portion to the back and the 'Fena learns about fun tidbets about Japanese culture' portion to the front. It might be even worse than the second episode though because it continues the third episode's godawful happenstance of them constantly and randomly running into people with encyclopedic knowledge of this supposedly rare and unique artifact. So they meet some woman who brings them to a dude, where they sit down and get another lecture about how the rock is special, and… that's it. That's literally it. That's the whole episode. There is no conflict. There is no story. There is no development. There is no growth. There is no action. There is no anything. What the hell was the point of this episode?


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    The information in this episode really could’ve been presented in episode two, instead of “hop in the Submarine, and drift about aimlessly.”

    Especially if Yuki wasn’t going to clap them cheeks.

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