Dungeon Sweatshop #07 — Re-Re-Reboot

August 20th, 2021


This was an ordeal and a half.


What is with this season and episodes that are nothing but infodumps? This was enough of an trial devoid of even a token attempt at humor after the head-falling-off pre-OP gag that I really don't think I want to suffer through the last four or five episodes. While Idaten and Sonny Boy have also been exposition heavy, they've at least either been moving forward with the story or been completely insane enough to keep the brain engaged. This was about ten minutes of re-defining the apocalypse to be different, but not really, and then ten minutes of re-explaining the original premise.

The best you can say about the episode is that all the exposition was profoundly stupid in the way that most RPG settings tend to be, but especially the post-modern "actually dungeons are an important part of the ecosystem" thing. I translated Bunny Black, guys. I've been through the schtick in at least a dozen games and thrice that many anime. It's not worthy of an infodump that consumes half the episode. The ancients made dungeons, but they needed to be guarded. Oops, one wasn't guarded so now The Corporation is all interdimensional killer space robots. The least they could have done was have Ninomiya make the petty choice to spite them for some reason, but they couldn't even put an iota of effort into that, instead slapping down a pair of doors and explaining every step of the way. Be funny or be interesting, damn it. 


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