Dungeon Sweatshop #06 — Steam

August 13th, 2021


Because when you don't have content, go to a bath and add steam.


I keep hoping this will show the tiniest iota of character, or even effort, that the one episode had, and it continues to fail me. Fena starts tomorrow though, so this may be where I cut and run because it was another truly awful episode. It was back to being split into two halves. For the first, three randos tried to undermine him, but he just barreled ahead and did what he was already doing, leaving it another bit where they spent about five minutes explaining their own supposed gimmicks, and then five minutes screaming "how could this happen!" Add to that a spice of rehashed grossness about the Bridget-girl and there's your first ten minutes.

For the back half, we end up in a Through the Looking Glass parody, but like many anime 'parodies,' it's less a parody and more a reskin without any actual understanding of or references to the material except for a costume change. Worse, this was clearly meant to be a character building segment for Not-Bridget, except that it's "she was hiding that she has a dark past due to things outside her control." Something not seen in any way at any point before this, and something that we have zero reason to think that any character would give half a damn about. It might as well have been that she was hiding a zit. At least that might have had a slightly better chance of working as comedy, because the dramatic angle here was as impactful and substantive as a wet fart. 


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