Dungeon Sweatshop #05 — Post-Post-Apocalypse

August 6th, 2021


Wow. A Bridget character. How topical.


I wondered if the show was going to build on the somewhat character focused episode from last week and continue with his change to a more heroic antihero rather than a neo-fascist jerk. Instead, it rebooted itself and had to spend a third of the episode expositing all over the new future/post-apocalypse setting and new character, a particularly obnoxious Bridget expy whose entire gimmick is announcing how cute (s)he is. And that's it. That's her entire deal. Kind of the same with the entire setting shift. They say it's different, but nothing is. It may as well have taken place a week later.

All of this is leading up to the punchline, twenty minutes into the episode, that it's not apocalyptic at all and the humans they conquered are lazy and not appreciative of their fair treatment. Yeeeeah. The people hiding in a cave in squalor aren't appreciative enough of the good deal they're getting from their masters. Kind of have a hard time buying into the benevolent slaver premise for your joke. So here's a montage where we do the Harvard Prison Experiment, except humans are stupid and it convinces them to be cruel and therefore dedicated to slaving. Was… Was this supposed to be a joke? Hell, you could've cut that entire montage entirely because none of it went anywhere or did anything, leading to an episode that was almost all infodump of information neither important to the story, nor humorous in any way. The best thing you can say for this episode is that it had a lot of the behemoth girl gnawing on things.

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