Battle in Five Seconds #08 — Meet and Greet

August 30th, 2021


How much setup does this arc need exactly?


Well, it was marginally better than either Fena or Sweatshop's episodes last week, so I'm inclined to be charitable, but it was still yet another goddamned setup episode for this stupid big brawl. A chunk of the episode to do more deep dive on the exact specifics of how one dude's power works. A chunk of the episode to introduce Chekhov's 'neutral' team which will certainly not come running to anybody's aid next week (hey, great job spoiling that in the next episode preview, guys). A chunk of the episode to throw up some dumb rules about this because "punch the other dudes" isn't enough. 

At this point, there's only about three minutes left, so only time for a montage where the baddies each dispatch a handful of the apparently literal army of redshirts that the good guys have to show how super duper evil they are. The biggest bad got an extra thirty seconds to beat someone with a unique character design in order to show he's the big boss. Does that mean that next week will be action packed? Maybe. More a chance of that than next episode of either Fena or Sweatshop will be, I guess. We could have been at this point easily two episodes ago though, and this silly arc still has no end in sight.


Next Episode:

Squaring off.

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