Battle in Five Seconds #07 — Mandatory Timeout

August 23rd, 2021


Don't just move events right along or anything when you can go back home and have a nap instead.


Good god, are they in love with pretending that hiding his power is some kind of super intelligent and suspenseful thing. Just goddamned lie about it and say you can replicate powers. Or steal them. Or use any given power once. Or you can do whatever but have to pay a price. A lie both makes so much more sense, and adds far more dramatic weight to it being found out. Or if you're going to make such a big deal about Glasses Girl knowing about it, then let's crank the seriousness up. Sell him being actually desperate and/or cutthroat to maintain the secret. Slamming her against a wall is weak. Bring out a shiv. Show that he's genuinely willing and able to put a knife in someone's kidney to keep the secret and win.

Yes, that much rambling is definitely indicative that it was another extremely weak and substance-free episode. They killed the random CGI mini-boss by about three minutes into the episode and the rest was spent faffing around, waiting for permission for the next fight to start… which doesn't even look to be happening next week. So is the rest of this season just going to be mincing around in this stupid camp thing? Sure is looking that way. Amp up something here to hook the audience, be it the romance, the action, the drama, or even the viscera. We're half-assing it on all fronts, and excrutiatingly slowly at that.

Next Episode:

Even more setup.

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