Battle in Five Seconds #06 — Through The Minds of Idiots

August 16th, 2021


Gormless one, isn't she?

The screenshots are a little weird because I got tired of waiting for a proper raw to appear on the internet and had to take… measures.


I'm also mostly covering this bleh episode because I'm still a bit upset about the bait and switch of Fena. Between this show and Sonny Boy, I'm pretty fed up with listening to exposition defining, redefining, and re-re-redefining random arbitrary powers for this season. Here, we spent close to half the episode basically saying that Blondie's enough of a simple minded dolt that you can tell her your power is literally whatever, and she'll believe you. So now he can have the power of whatever he feels like so long as she's within spitting range. Again, not something we organically developed, just literally spat out in exposition. Telepathic exposition so they could go extra easy on the already threadbare animation budget.

And the rest was a montage of beating up mummies ghouls to show off the peanut gallery of unimportant background dolts powers. I'm not even certain half of these have names, but they all got wacky character designs for some reason. It's like there was a clearance sale for rejected sketches, or maybe everybody died at a Halloween party. Which is fitting for the dumb ghouls, which turned into a giant CGI cat ghoul for some reason. Why cat? Why CGI? Who even knows. They were shambling cannon fodder until they were invincible, in true terrible anime writing fashion. 

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