Battle in Five Seconds #04 — Big Balls

August 2nd, 2021


Each week, this show makes it harder.


Mind you, its pretenses at being soooo smart, cool, serious, etc are sort of a little adorable in a pathetic sort of way, and they're still in major contrast to all the reincarnation with a demigod's powers and/or reincarnated and abused for a picosecond to justify being a good demigod abuser. It's still an abject mess though, and not in having-trouble-wrapping-my-head-around-the-basics-of-the-writing way something like Sonny Boy is. I think the most baffling moment was when we were supposed to take super smart dude figuring out the guy who can nullify's power. It happens once. A power is blocked. So instead of inferring something simple like "is immune to beams" or "is immune to powers" or even "has the same invulnerability power that I already know exists," launches into a tortured explanation that he needs to be in a specific stance to activate his power, thus totally disarming him and wowing all with his massive brain boner. This comes as the conclusion to a nonstop barrage of pseudo-sophic ramblings about the rules of his power, and as everybody knows, nothing is a better way to present information than a five minute internal monologue.

All that said, this episode mostly featured its turn to gag comedy, which I doubt is a good move for it to make, and judging by the promo for next week, is going to be a sustained one. Hitting people in the balls, pratfalls, person-shaped holes in walls, and dressing another 75% of the female cast in bunny girl suits. Nothing wrong with being a little light hearted and not taking everything deadly seriously, but we had an entire episode about this girl being abused, stalked, murdered, and harassed, and now we're cracking jokes about how silly and pathetic her killer is? Tonal problems don't even begin to cover it.

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