The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! #01 — Extra Sugar

July 31st, 2021


And as substantial as cotton candy.

After six weeks, we reach our SECOND to last summer show. See you in two more for the last one. But can I say how nostalgic these late-airing shows are that first appear in 360p on obscure streaming sites are? It's like going back to when this blog started and that was the norm for how all shows appeared on the internet.


Man, the OP is aggressively saccharine and cloying. Which is kind of at odds with the rest of the show which is quite a bit more laid back and going for a more relaxed vibe, which particularly helps blunt all the internal narration yelling that is trying to carry the comedy. Not totally though, and it certainly gets obnoxious at times, but it's definitely a throwback considering how, uh… screamy… the average Japanese comedy has gotten in recent years. For the most part though, it's tolerable enough. Doesn't ride any jokes into the ground. Doesn't dwell on any scenes or spend eight minutes explaining the wafer thin premise.

That said, it's not doing much of anything particularly interesting or well. The monster girl in a contemporary setting a fanservice comedy is practically a whole genre to itself, with subgenres for powered, unpowered, light novel action, light novel harem, etc etc. This has no twist on that formula and doesn't lean in to any of the fanservice, the comedy, the story, or the characters. The visual direction is probably the strongest part, as the titular Jahy herself is pretty expressive and the expressions do a far better job being amusing than any amount of screaming, even if the animation itself is only a bit better than average. 

It's… okay, I suppose. Not nearly as focused on the trashy fanservice as the source manga, although there's plenty of giant bouncing boobs, but also quite insubstantial. I think I'd rather watch another episode of this as a comedy than Dungeon Sweatshop, but that's probably not saying much.

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