The Dungeon Sweatshop #01 — Randian Objectivism

July 9th, 2021


At least there's no slave harem. Yet.


Well, there's less shouting than I anticipated, and somewhat more of a story centering things, but it still didn't click much for me. The humor has this weird almost Randian bend to it. Yeah, we're not supposed to take the protagonist here as a hero, he pitches a lot of BS and the show doesn't really hoist him on his own petard. He gives a lot of speeches about how being exploited, or even being in a union is for lazy and stupid people, and everybody who's rich must by definition be smart, handsome, etc, but his occasional thwarting doesn't come from his arrogance but from random contrivance. Less Keroro, more season 3 Rick Sanchez, and all the problems that come with that.

The much larger issue though is that there's not a ton of jokes, even obnoxious ones, but the story is also far too weak to pick up the slack. The token fanservice dragon girl, for example, makes a couple silly faces in the background and says she's hungry. For the entire back third of the episode, that's the only joke. They find a hypnosis staff, hypnotize everybody else to be the bosses instead, and then get beat up when it runs out of juice. There's maybe one other side joke in that entire eight minute segment. The first segment was mostly exposition. The second segment more exposition and ranting about Randian objectivism. I guess they could pick of the pace, or they could explore the bits a little more, I'm not totally sure. There's certainly potential for a Pinky and the Brain kind of show in this vein, but this one definitely needs to do something differently.    

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