The Case Study of Vanitas #02 — Words, Words, Words

July 9th, 2021


Shut up already.


Unless the next episode blows me away, I think this is where this show and I part ways. This episode was excruciatingly tedious. Just a nonstop torrent of exposition for fifteen straight minutes about the secret vampire police, that they're in Paris, walking through the premise a second, third time, introducing about a half dozen characters just to pitch them straight to the curb. My 'favorite' part is that they spent goddamned near five minutes discussing how there was some random serial killer that they need to catch to fulfill their quest, only to immediately find him, do their stupid little magical girl pose, and sparkly away the evil. The entire time, and even after, his intended victim just sitting on the edge of the scene, which I guess they eventually forgot about, because then she disappeared when some rival characters showed up out of nowhere, and, you guessed it, more goddamned exposition about their names, purpose, bloodtype, date of birth, last four digits of their social, etc. 

Even the tiny bit of action got sucked into the nonstop talking heads explaining the situation. Oh, she's equipping her weapon, but while she takes 90 seconds to do that, let's have a discussion of that too. She attacks a whopping two times, three if you count Vampire Boy tossing Whose-Its into a wall, and then the last three minutes is back to dudes sitting around, explaining to each other the premise of the show that there's a book that does stuff to vampires for I think the fourth time this episode alone. I get it. I get the concept. Can we please move on? Or is this really all that you have to offer? Telling me over and over and over and over that the magic vampire book has vampire magic?

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