Spirit Chronicles #02 — Mighty Japanese Sword Technique

July 12th, 2021


Good god.


Technically, I watched more of Uramichi's second episode than this one's, but this has A.) More of an argument towards being a comedy, purely accidentally, and B.) This made me feel way the hell more forgiving towards that other mediocre show. Uramichi, on the other hand, was just more of the same joke, over and over. Both A and B there feed into each other. The production is both absurdly godawful, with both fights being nothing but stills, but also absurdly corny and ridiculous. Everybody gasps with astonishment because he holds his sword in a Japanese fighting stance instead of a regular one, which gives him extra special bonus Japanese sword powers. Is this supposed to be a joke? Feels like it might be, except nobody making this show was in on it.

Aaaand, that's it. That's the whole episode. That and he has date time with the first of his harem. Even that random ghost girl doesn't bother to show up. The entire episode is two 'fight' scenes that were totally unanimated, consisting of the peanut gallery mocking/ovulating over his mighty Japanese sword stance, narrating every single thing that isn't happening in front of their faces because animating anything is just too dang hard. Congrats, show. You've made me feel more charitable to the other cliche awful thing by exceeding the limits and being truly, truly terrible.

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  • dp says:

    I dunno – I think it was better than you suggested. While the combat animation wasn’t thrilling, the art overall was clean and attractive, with decent designs for the academy and Rio remains interesting to me as an isekai character with two sets of memories, something they do a decent job of portraying. The characters generally acted like the people they were supposed to be, there was no bullshit isekai game/stats element. The fact that his swordsmanship was impressive made sense: he had some years of training in Japan as a youth and young adult, followed by five years of additional training at this school to know how to deal with the local style. I also liked that the academy didn’t feel overly rushed, but is only going to be a second episode. So, overall, I found it a solid entry.