Spirit Chronicles #01 — Adults Are Stupid

July 5th, 2021


To be fair, all the characters in this show are quite stupid.


Are we done with these idiotic power fantasies yet? No? Pity. Anyway, here's Yet Another. Reincarnated in another world, where all the adults are complete imbeciles, and all the females ages 12-25 want nothing more than to be breeding stock for the protagonist. I can't overstate how stupid the characters in this show are either. An actual conversation that happens is "You'll stick out if you go into the slums wearing fancy clothes." "What? These clothes are fancy? Not everybody wears giant frilly ball gowns?" This is a conversation that happens in a slum, and it's an adult expressing their disbelief at this remark. Which is quickly followed up by one of them going "Wait, I totally forgot I can just scry the entire area, making this entire conversation pointless, but also reveals that the protagonist's power level is over 9,000!"

Perhaps the purpose of that whole bit was that so when two minutes later, a random ghost woman appears out of nowhere and tells him to use his magic power by thinking about using magic power he can use his magic power. At which point he summarily embarrasses a trained assassin, saving the day, but punished for it by those cruel adults, except for the teenage girls who can see his true worth. It ain't breaking any molds in the dumb-as-nails reincarnation power fantasy subgenre, that's for damn sure, not that it even does anything with or engages in the reincarnation angle in any way. It's just there to chase a market trend, I suspect, in what would otherwise just be a very boring, poorly animated generic fantasy bit.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Ok so I got this and the ugly guy reincarnation mixed in, I was thinking this was that one, now I have to go and check which one is the worst show.