Sonny Boy #03 — Streaming Pac-Man To the Void

July 29th, 2021


That's why you have no followers, my dude.


Another episode that is just absolutely baffling to me. It starts off by explaining that it's been a month and White Toast McEmo somehow coincidentally AGAINST ALL ODDS keeps finding new portals to other worlds all over the place, and he's the only one able to do that. So it's obvious that his power is either finding or creating them, yes? No, the reveal of that is the cliffhanger for the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Starboy just out and says that oh, he hears a crazy voice from nowhere that is directing him to manipulate things in furtherance of some purpose and meh, who cares? Probably just God. And none of this is what the episode was about!

The actual plot of the episode is that a bunch of loners are turning into statues, so everybody makes the unpopular rich girl be in charge of it, and then immediately complains that the unpopular rich girl is in charge of it. So they check the book to see if anybody has the power of statue-ization, and seeing no, they rule that out. Yes, there is an entire full scene and segment where they check a book to see if anybody has self-reported "has the power to do the exact thing and we all just forgot about it." At this point, they stumble randomly through a curtain and find out there's some kind of magic portal curtain that if the out of nowhere and based on nothing exposition is to be trusted automatically sends loners to pocket dimensions where they can indulge in their hobbies in peace. At this point, they summon up giant telekinetic super-fans from somewhere, I guess is just someone's power, and blow away the curtains, which turns into a skirt that they leave on the ground for anybody to find and accidentally world hop. 

I have questions, guys. And they're not about the weird little spat in the middle over McEmo being emo and the girls squabbling over him. Your deductions are flimsy as hell. Your investigation is a joke. You're explaining the entirely wrong things. You're ignoring the lunatics having conservations with megalomaniacal invisible space goats. And you're somehow thinking that the reveal that the only dude who finds portals has a power involving finding/creating portals is a big wow moment. So, uh, did we resolve to include the loners now so they won't be loners? Did we do anything at all to actually address this weird new rule? Or did we just attack them with magical dysons for wanting to play Pac-Man instead of mining bitcoin and call it a day? 



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  • The Phantom says:

    I love this but is likely going “Lost” soon where the absurdities become the plot itself, I dont like McEco Either but I keep wondering what is going to happen next and that alone keeps me hooked watching.

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