Remake Our Lives! #01 — Plot? What Plot?

July 3rd, 2021


Who needs conflict, or humor, or drama, or characters in a story?


My god. Did this really need to be an hour long? Christ, did it need to be fifteen minutes long? You know how every goddamned "reincarnated to another world" show has to start with a brief bit about how crappy their life was? This decided to make that an entire twenty goddamned minutes. A somewhat gross twenty minutes at that. Dude explains that his old company failed, accidentally stumbles into a new job and is the most perfect employee ever, only for management to cut the project, causing him to lament his failings. That he didn't do enough or try harder to prevent this arbitrary bit of stupidity handed down from on high. I think the only thing besides the toxic "why didn't I do more for the company!" schtick in the entire first twenty minutes was the comically absurd introduction of the shadowy council of super duper game creators that everybody idolizes as the one true gods of game development.

At this point, we jump to the past and switch gears from whiny melodrama to low fanservice melodrama. He goes to art school and bumps into one quirky busty girl after another (plus the token quirky dude), all of whom I'm sure have absolutely nothing to do with the shadowy council of super awesome game developers, until we find out that… shock and surprise… one of them was one of the shadowy council of super special game developers. That's it. That's the whole hour. Twenty minutes of maudlin corporate obsequiousness, twenty minutes of gawking at cleavage and listening to idiots blather on about how it's their lifelong dream to be creative while rubbing their cleavage against the dude.

The main character is not actually driven or compelling. His struggles only come from on high, impossible blocks dropped down just for him to cry about, all while we're told not shown, that he actually is trying his hardest, off screen somewhere, all the while, we only see him shuffle morosely through life, past and future. So without an actual conflict or a strong character to drive the (non-existent) story, what is there for the drama to build on or up to? And perish any thought of there being any comedy or the like here, because this is as joyless as it comes. A tale with no humor or drama is a weird frame of mind to take when ostensibly trying to tell a story about and lionizing passionate artistic people.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    This is like Re-Life but much worse, at least Re-Life had some decent comedy mixed in and a great Opening song as well, this gets nothing, like they did not even explain how he came back.

    But why even bother if the rest of the show is not even trying either: if you can go to the past you know all the trends and you basically multimillionaire from the get go, stream minecraft? invest into bitcoins? Invest into Google/Amazon/Apple? you do NOT need to go to the college at all other than meeting girls.

  • Ark noir says:

    If Blondie had come into my room and run her mouth ,interrogated me and threw a pillow I would of pissed in her moisturizer the little cliché tart.

    Though the fact time travel proved he was a mediocre dreg 10 hrs before and after was a highlight.

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