Realist Hero #01 — Press 1 To Review Taxes

July 3rd, 2021


Did they forget to include a plot?


"Okay, so, this dude is summoned to another world to save it."
"From monsters?"
"No, from mediocre management."
"But he struggles to live up to being a hero?"
"No, everybody is deferential to him from the start, worshipful even."
"But he solves some kind of problem through some kind of epiphany or insight?"
"Eventually, he might!"

That about sums up the episode. If there were any illusions about it being a harem show as well, the OP puts those firmly to rest. The real sin though is that it's just plain boring as absolute sin. The sole point of any drama at all is the one girl who's skeptical of him, but that's the whole conflict right there, and it's not addressed or resolved in any way. He's told there are geopolitical issues, sits down to do paperwork and at the end of the episode, is still doing paperwork. It's like that Futurama gag. "Press 1 if you would like to see Caluculon review his taxes." Except it's not a joke. It's the entire episode. He doesn't even show up the helpless idiot local savages this week. He just… learns that there are geopolitical issues that I guess we're told are pressing? But not, you know, imminently pressing. More like pressing some time eventually, after we finish auditing the paperwork a second time. What is the story here? Why should we care!?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Jack says:

    The first episode showed that this adaptation will be rushed as all fuck just to get to the (very short) battle scenes.

    You’re better off reading the LN, where it is actually decent. Machiavelli didn’t get namedropped just for show.

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