July 3rd, 2021


Wait, who was the fifth dude?


And so we finally come to the end of the Satu-re-day shows, and it's rarely a good sign when I start laughing after a show pulls a super dramatic scene. "Okay, so, your friend was in a huge accident, has been in a coma for six months, and has brain damage." "Right, so let's have his 15 year old friends barge in and start screaming in disbelief about the betrayal it is that he can't remember their time playing polo as 14 year olds." It's so corny and stupid. Unless this is how hospitals work in Japan. Are harranguing teenagers part of the normal therapeutic practices? Also, it feels beyond creepy that there are magazines and fanboys for 14 year olds, and doubly so when they're doing fanservice spreads for 15 year old girls. This is creepy, right? I feel like this season I'm losing my ability to tell any more. 

This is mostly just a very, very by the numbers sports club show, paced a bit worse than most. It way waaaaay overemphasizes the weird premise/reason why the protagonist isn't in the sport any more, and minimizes the part where the wacky dudes recruit him to the school team against his will, but the latter is certainly there. What it forgets to include is any water polo, so all we're left with is the drama of a teenage boy with brain damage repeatedly saying he'll do his best. And then there's the scene, set to opera music, of his sister waking up screaming from reliving the accident in her nightmares. It stands out just a bit.


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