Opera Girls #01 — Manic Pixie Dream Roommate

July 3rd, 2021


Someone paid extra for the double piano.


Why on earth is the music in this show so loud? And so much piano. And why are we having ballet dancers march around for a military inspection? It's not meant to be some goofy principal taking his job too seriously or the like, but that is the army, checking in on the local dance studio to give the fresh recruits a once over and literally push a few of them around. This is beyond creepy, right? I'm not crazy? Anyway, the oh so creative story of an apathetic girl who hates show business and people, going to school for show business and working with people, matched with a girl who loves show business and people. What an odd couple they are. So wacky. So quirky. So much piano. And I really can't understate how goddamned much piano there is. If there is one take-away that you should have from this commentary, it's that please, no more piano.

In any case, this isn't one of the comedies that is funny, or one of the dramas that has interesting characters struggling in compelling ways, or even something with a passion for its artistic subject matter. It is a show about a sullen, brooding, former idol ass being forced to roommate and team up with a crazy girl for the sake of having a show, a fact which instead of disguising or even throwing something up like "she's a legacy," they decided to just make explicit. As in there is an entire scene where virtually every named character sits around and outright says "This girl has no business being in this school, but can you imagine the zany adventures if we let her in? Would make a pretty great show, right? She's so quiiiiiirky!" Not really, no. She is tall, somewhat ditzy, and slightly exciteable, and everybody around her are asses. You are underestimating how wild and crazy you think she is, and overestimating the sympathy I have for jerks, and severely miscalculating how much goddamned piano I can tolerate in one show.


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    Army guy was MVP for me. Putting snowflakes on notice for making everything sekuhara was good. The kabuki shit works as well. Enjoyed this.

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