Moonlit Fantasy #01 — Exposition and Yelling and Pig People

July 4th, 2021



I'm honestly not certain where this came from. Actual broadcast isn't until the 7th. But here's this episode from… somewhere. Saves me having to deal with this garbage later.


Oh, did I give it away too soon? Yeah, it's Not Good™, just another in the endless parade of sent to an RPG world with godly powers where we also assume that the audience has never heard of an RPG so are going to explain literally everything, occasionally screaming in hopes of jolting a reaction out and calling the awkward, nervous laughter some manner of subversive joke on the concept that you yourself just explained. You see, because he's in another world and NOT allowed to be the hero, but still has a power level beyond immortal ken and the power to have all the powers. Cutting satire indeed. And look, it even uses RPG menus to make its joke. We never see THAT in these shows, no siree.

But let's not rail on the (lack of) humor or writing when it's competing with Peach Boy Riverside for the worst animated new action show of the season, and I honestly couldn't tell you which gets the crown. They're both cheap as crap, reliant mainly on speedlines and stills. Not even overanimated charge-up poses for the spells. This has less T&A to start out, but promises far more and far trashier T&A in its closing minutes (and in the opening, for that matter), whereas Peach Boy Riverside takes a dimmer view of racism and has slightly more depth to its story and characters. But Christ, we're fighting for possibly last place in the fantasy shows here, and this isn't even in the same ballpark as, uh… Make Me Average, All Points in Defense, or god only knows what other repellent other dreck that has already made this show's one joke a hundred thousand times over.


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